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Loraine Mahachi

What can I not say about IBA framework, amazing well researched work. I studied this framework as a MSc module at Birmingham City University Sept – Dec 2019…mind blowing . Enlightening concepts, has provided me with a deeper understanding of myself and others. I’ve adopted the knowledge and techniques in both personal and professional life, very thought provoking and life changing. I’ve previously studied Diploma in Nursing, BSc (Hons) Specialist degree, PG Cert in Healthcare Policy, Management & Leadership and MSc in Leadership and in total I’ve completed over 40 university modules in last 20 years but I tell you, I got significantly more learning from this one module than in any of my previous. I’ve introduced the framework in my teachings of Wellbeing, Diversity and Inclusion – positive feedback and staff asking for more. I’m missing the module very much and I can’t wait for ITSE software launch. ‘I’m unique and I love it’ Keep up the amazing work Prof.

Charley Fone

Congratulations on your Ted Talk Professor Adam! It was so helpful meeting you personally. You helped me understand I didn’t have something wrong with me – I had a personality!! Your calm demeanour and detailed personal guidance helped me to understand my patterns, proclivities and, crucially, where my traits could be directed fruitfully. I was able to appreciate myself and set up my life to be more meaningful, successful and fun!

Lijuan Yang

IBA framework is very useful to help us understand ourselves and others to cooperate with each other in our daily life and work. I am really appreciated for attending this module as one of my Master course.

Stephen Johnson

This was a great day. IBA has made me think differently about how to lead and manage my team and also how we develop our staff. So taken by the principles and the academic underpinning of IBA, I have been motivated to apply to start a PhD using IBA as the vehicle to better define, understand and improve the self awareness, emotional intelligence and leadership of the military

Royal Birmingham Conservatoire IBA® Health, Well-being and Performing with Confidence Programme 2021

Feedback from students who attended the programme:

It is the most valuable package of knowledge I have ever received in my education.

The benefits from this course were more than I had ever hoped for. I now feel that I understand the roots of my performance anxiety and the reasons why I experience it as I do in the context of my IBA® report.

Two aspects I have loved throughout the pilot programme are the IBA® report and the coping/supporting methods for anxiety and negative thoughts. The IBA® report has given me a new understanding towards myself, which ultimately gave me a new window through which to work on my mental health and healing.

[This programme] has helped me to understand myself as a musician in a more holistic way, in terms of the Four Rooms, and in the connection between myself as a person, a practising musician, and a performing musician in a way that I haven’t experienced before.

[This programme has] allowed me to be forever changed as a performer on stage, which has been noted by both tutors and peers through their overwhelming positive feedback.

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